Posts Zerto - Missing CD-ROM Drives

Zerto - Missing CD-ROM Drives

I love Zerto, it’s by far the best VM replication tool out there.  One niggle though - recovered/migrated VMs lose their CD-ROM drives.  According to support, it is to do with maintaining compatibility as Zerto can recover VMs to VMware, Hyper-v and AWS.  I’m not entirely buying that reason to be honest, but fair enough.

So a quick and dirty fix for it is to just add the CD-ROM drives to the VMs once they’ve been recovered.  CD-ROM drives (at least, in VMware land) can’t be added with the VM powered on.  Another annoyance… There seemingly isn’t a way to stop Zerto powering up the VMs it has recovered so you have to let them start, shut them down and then add the CD-ROM drives.

So to relieve the further annoyance of having to add the CD-ROM drives manually… a little PowerCLI snippet to check all VMs in a given resource pool for VMs without a CD-ROM drive.

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